It's A Shape Thing
Face Shape Guide
When it comes to choosing eyewear it’s all about finding the right style that complements your face shape. Not sure what your face shape is or where to start? We’re breaking down the four major shapes so you can find your perfect pair with ease.
Softened jawline with the cheeks being the widest part of the face. Square, rectangle or aviator shapes will balance out your face shape and add a touch of dimension.
Strong, angular features with a defined jawline. You can soften any harsh edges with round-shaped shades.
Faces narrow to a point at both the hairline and chin with the cheekbones being the most prominent feature. A small frame or square shape keeps the focus on your chiseled features.
Faces taper from top to bottom; from a wider forehead to a long and pointed jawline. The forehead is the widest feature and the chin. Almost any frame style works for this face shape and pulls attention to the center.
Frame Fitting
Once you’ve identified your very own face shape it’s all about how the frame fits based on your features. Then you can choose between Narrow, Medium, or Wide based on your frame temples and nose bridge.
Key Things To Know
1) For an ideal fit your eye should be directly in the middle of the lens – vertically and horizontally

2) The standard frame temple length is between 143-150mm

3) The average nose bridge is between 18-23mm

4) Your frames should fit comfortably on the outside of your cheekbones; not wider than your face that the frame feels loose, but not so narrow that the frame fits tight. Our narrow frame fits the average lens width of 46-49mm. Our medium frame fit is normally 50+ mm to achieve an oversized look or the need for a larger frame.