Ambassador Carles Medina lives a life so many of us dream about - especially since we can’t travel like we used to. Originally from Barcelona and now living in San Sebastian, this photographer, surfer, and entrepreneur has a keen eye for the natural beauty of life near the sea, keeping us all inspired while we stay safely at home. If you need a little getaway, take a minute to enjoy life through the lens of our friend Carles Medina.

How long have you been a photographer? How would you describe your style of photography? 

It all started naturally when I used to skate with my friends around Barcelona. Later while studying architecture at uni I began to appreciate photography as a form of art. Since I co-founded a fashion brand, Mirall, I started being curious about fashion photography. My style is the result of my day-to-day life on film.  

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Where do you draw your inspiration from in photography?  

Sometimes I get inspired by artists I love. Other times I just try to capture the naturalness, movement, and spontaneity of the moment.  

What is it like living in San Sebastian? What is your typical day like? 

Living in San Sebastian is simply awesome, easy to move around, beautiful city, beautiful beaches and incredible food. 

My days are pretty simple. Waking up early, have a coffee while checking the waves and go for a surf before work. If I can, I surf again in the afternoon and in a normal situation I would go for a beer or dinner in the old town with friends.

“Carles Medina Spotlight

Tell us about your other passions and hobbies. What makes you happy?  

Surfing, photography, and keeping my brand alive all keep me really busy and makes me very happy. 

How long have you been connected to RAEN? Do you have a favorite RAEN frame style? 

I would say 8 years. The relationship started working with Sito from RAEN Europe at the time. I have been wearing the Figurative frames a lot - they are my favorite.  

How have you managed throughout this year? What has kept you positive in 2020? 

The lockdown was very strict here in Spain and for two months we couldn’t leave the house at all. I tried to stay in the present moment and not think forward, keeping myself busy with work, exercise, healthy food, and lots of video calls. It all helped me to stay positive and get through this crazy time.  

What are you looking forward to?  

Travel again! 


“Carles Medina Spotlight “Carles Medina Spotlight