We are thrilled to welcome Mikey February as our newest Ambassador. Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Mikey has moulded a style of surfing that exquisitely channels old school flare with new school precision and technical prowess. He’s a surfer who does things his own way, generating a dynamic groove that’s inspired by the flavours of Africa and his many creative endeavours. 

Take a minute out of your day and get to know this inspiring human. You’re going to see a lot more of Mikey around these parts, and we are very excited about that.  

How did you get started surfing? 

My dad started surfing just a few years before I was born, so when I was born he was still really amped on it. And naturally I wanted to do what he did, so he’d take me to the surf shop and show me all the magazines and movies and it was all pretty natural.  

“New Ambassador - Mikey February   

How has your family helped play a role in who you are and how you surf? 

I mean, besides my dad being into surfing, my parents both worked at an ad agency. I was generally around a lot of creative people and as I started surfing more, they got really into it, giving me full support from the beginning. They’d drive us along the whole coast of South Africa to all the different contests, really embracing the whole surf culture. 

“New Ambassador - Mikey February 

Who are your biggest inspirations in and out of the water? 

In the water, I’d say guys like Al Knost - and basically anyone who takes a different more creative approach to surfing. Outside of the water, I draw a lot of inspiration from musicians and artists back in the day, especially African artists and jazz. 

What are you passionate about outside of the water? 

Music and photography. I also started learning to play the piano - but have a long way to go.

What’s your favourite pair of RAEN sunglasses? 

I’ve been rocking the Luxury Wig Collection. I also love the Hirsch in Ghost. 


“New Ambassador - Mikey February


“New Ambassador - Mikey February


“New Ambassador - Mikey February