When it comes to sunglasses, you’ve most likely seen or heard about polarized lenses. But what does “polarized” actually mean? Or to be more specific, what makes “polarized” so special? Upon initial viewing, polarized lenses may look like every other lens in our lineup, but there’s actually so much more than meets the eye.

The magic of polarization
We use premium Carl Zeiss CR-39 polarized lenses on our polarized styles because these high-quality lenses offer a range of properties and details to help cut glare, reduce eye strain, and provide you remarkable clarity. Their unique characteristics and construction also make them the perfect lenses for adventures near and far, so whether you’re on the water, hiking in the mountains, or sightseeing on vacation, our polarized sunglasses will transform your time in the great outdoors.

In order to help you understand the magic of polarization, we created this guide to help explain more of the details and nuance behind these special lenses. Read on and enjoy a world of adventure without the glare.
What do polarized lenses actually do?
We live in a world of light reflection - from water, to car chrome, to windows on nearby buildings. While the sun is out, you can pretty much guarantee some sort of reflection is bouncing all around you, and this can cause uncomfortable eye strain and fatigue. This reflected light moves on a horizontal plane and polarized lenses channel this reflected light through vertical lines, almost like vertical blinds. This unique filtration helps cut glare coming at your eyes, providing more clarity, richer color contrasts, and enhanced comfort compared to non-polarized lenses.
What are the benefits of polarized lenses?
There are many benefits to polarized lenses. They help to cut glare off the ocean, snow, vehicles, and pretty much any other harsh lighting situation you can come up with. They also increase contrast and clarity, which is a reason many people who fish love them because they can see through the water reflection. On top of all that, they reduce eye strain and fatigue, which can often lead to headaches and migraines. Simply put, polarized lenses offer a more pleasurable viewing experience while you’re out enjoying sunny adventures near and far.
What does RAEN offer for polarized lenses?
We offer polarized lenses on a range of our most popular sunglasses - including Remmy, Norie, Myles, and Blondie (just to name a few). As mentioned above, we use premium Carl Zeiss CR-39 polarized lenses for all our polarized styles, available in three distinct tints: Green Polarized, Vibrant Brown Polarized, and Dark Smoke Polarized.

We carefully pair these tints to complement specific frame designs and colors, creating dynamic combos like Myles Huru with Green Polarized and Wiley Cirus in Vibrant Brown Polarized. Whatever your style or personality, there’s a polarized frame that’s perfect for you.
How do I find the right polarized frames?
We offer polarized lenses on all sorts of frame shapes - from square, to round, to fashionable cat-eye sunglasses. If you have questions or need a recommendation, you can contact a RAEN specialist about our polarized options. Check out the full collection now and experience a world of clarity with polarized lenses.